At Nano-Bay, in addition to the development of conductive nanoparticles and inks, we also offer material analysis and characterization services to our customers. We count on the latest technology and experts professional to carry out successful surface analysis, rheology, and material characterization. Discover our range of global services:

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Analysis and characterization

  • Differential Scanning Calirometry - DSC €80 / sample
  • Thermogravimetric Analysis - TGA €120 / sample
  • Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy - FTIR €115 / sample
  • Drop Shape Analysis - DSA €75 / sample
  • Rheology testing - REO €120 / sample

* Do not hesitate to ask for additional information about other services such as Scanning Electron Spectroscopy – SEM and other experimental techniques.

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Conductive solutions

Discover our range of conductive nanoparticles and inks. We are determined to develop innovative in the area of conductive materials.

Conductive nanoparticles

Silver and copper conductive nanoparticles

Conductive inks

Conductive inks for printed electronics
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