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Nano-Bay was born in 2020 as a spin-off of Oribay Group Automotive, a company with more than 30 years of experience with polymers for automotive industry applications.

We are strongly committed to the research and development of conductive nanoparticles and inks for multiple industrial applications.

Constantly we collaborate with some of the main European research centers, taking part in multiple R&D projects in the area of nanoparticles.

R&D focused

Our team of experts is continuously researching emerging technologies. We collaborate with main research centers in the Basque Country.


As a part of Oribay Group, we are present in over 15 countries. We are ready to supply our products anywhere in the world.

Quality tests

We are committed to providing excellent service to our customers. In our laboratories we have the latest quality control techniques, instruments and resources.

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Conductive solutions

Discover our range of conductive nanoparticles and inks. We are determined to develop innovative in the area of conductive materials.

Conductive nanoparticles

Silver and copper conductive nanoparticles
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