We are committed to develop innovative solutions for different industries, such as automotive, IoT, healthcare, packaging, smart home, etc. Our nanoparticles open up a wide range of opportunities in conductive inks, electronics, adhesives or heatings, among others.

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Experience in multiple industries



As a part of Oribay Group, we work closely automotive industry, developing high-tech solutions for auto glass and car manufacturers. Windshield ADAS, transparent heatings, conductive adhesives, and much more.

Internet of things

The growth of the internet of things will soon cover every industry in the world. At Nano-Bay, we manufacture critical conductive components for IoT sensors, wearables, NFC, RFID, smart textiles, home appliances…



The proliferation of healthcare-specific IoT products opens up immense opportunities in the area of conductive nanoparticles and inks. Weareables, smart bandages, blisters, patches, and more.


Technologies like shipment tracking and advanced product identification systems are evolving rapidly. Our conductive solutions can be applied in different areas such as NFC, RFID, sensors, thermochromics…

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Conductive solutions

Discover our range of conductive nanoparticles and inks. We are determined to develop innovative in the area of conductive materials.

Conductive nanoparticles

Silver and copper conductive nanoparticles
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